Here's Nick Saban's Reaction To Alabama Being Ranked #1
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Alabama jumped Clemson in the polls this week to be the #1 ranked team in the country. So, he was naturally asked what he thought of that and here was his answer...

“I don’t think it really matters at all where you’re ranked or rated right now,” Saban told reporters on Wednesday night. “It only matters when it’s in January. When the season’s over, that’s all that matters. It can slip away very quickly. As it did last week, it wasn’t even because the team (Clemson) didn’t win. It must’ve been somebody’s perception of how they played. So it’s not even about winning, it’s about how you played.

“Every player creates value by being his best every time he gets the opportunity. The scoreboard shouldn’t matter. Who you’re playing shouldn’t matter. And where you’re ranked shouldn’t matter. And what somebody says on the internet shouldn’t matter. You should be playing because you want to get the self-satisfaction to know you did the best to be the best that you can be. Hopefully, that’s what we can get our players to focus on.”
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Blah blah blah... frick you Nick. We comin'!
Reply7 months
I wonder what life will be like post Saban? Will food taste better, will the air be fresher to breathe, will women be tighter? I just know if I was a Bama fan I would have enjoyed the ride as long as it's lasted. Of course it can't always be easy taking something like this run for granted. It's been a great run, for sure. Of course all good things must come to an end. Even the Roman Empire had a good run, but they came crumbling down. I think more teams are catching up to Bama and Clemson, and eventually there will be more parody. Then it'll be interesting to see how many people jumped off the Bama and Clemson bandwagon.
Reply8 months
Be... All That You Can Be.
Reply8 months
Except “who you’re playing” does matter, you no integrity windsock.
Reply8 months
Put your glasses on, maybe you can find the point.
8 months
bama won't make the cut with two losses (LSU and Auburn). The dynasty is OVER. Saban retires after this season.
Reply8 months
Rinse and repeat. For like a decade running.
8 months
"You should be playing because you want to get the self-satisfaction" -- Oh yeah Nick, that is a BRILLIANT way to look at a team sport.
Reply8 months
That’s been his message for 20 years and it seems to be working for him...
8 months
He's right you know......the real problem is getting you players to buy into his process.
Reply8 months
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