New Alabama Kalen DeBoer is adjusting well to Tuscaloosa and it sounds like he has Nick Saban's help with that...
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BabyTac19 days
Saban was great but I couldn’t imagine trying to do my job in a different atmosphere (NIL, portal) and having some old school monopoly owner in my ear.
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Bige1120 days
There have been a lot of good coaches in the last 2 decades. Saban’s biggest accomplishment is understanding the two biggest sleeping giants in the country and taking advantage of that opportunity.
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Deuces20 days
“Look, you’re gonna have to talk to the boosters this way. Aight?”
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TheRouxGuru20 days
Just a bunch of generic coach speak.
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TigerB820 days
Screw Saban.
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theballguy20 days
No Saban, no LSU as you know it.
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4x4tiger20 days
No Saban, no Bama. Before him y'all been trying to bring Bear back from the dead
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Hampton19 days
Nuck frick Saban
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KennabraTiger20 days
Next, show how Vince Dooley is working with Kirby Smart
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RECConspiracy20 days
You’d need a seance for that
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ImBatman20 days
Really brah?
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