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re: 3 Years - Guinny_Ire
He's been a runaway bride so far, never staying more than 2 years at a program. Given Appalachian State's success, that was a pretty good gig. So that is our downside with him....
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re: Hog fans and Odom - Guinny_Ire
No he was sold as a good hire because Memphis also wanted him. He became our head coach because nobody wanted the job and those who applied were not who you wanted running your program. At best he was going to grow into the job and at worst he would be a transition coach. That said he stepped up and...
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re: I didn't respect Missouri before game, but do now - Guinny_Ire
Appreciate the nice words. Have all the games recorded, plan on watching all this week. Both FL/Ole Miss and LSU/Miss State were exciting games. Will watch Mizzou later this week (was at the game), to get a better sense of where we are at. Bama: You guys are the real deal. Not that is any surpris...
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re: How long until they change the Chiefs name - Guinny_Ire
Just be proactive and make them the Fire Chiefs unless Antifa/BLM hates firemen too....
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re: SEC Short: Former blue bloods. - Guinny_Ire
When we beat Nebraska back to back at Mizzou back in the OOs, I had my oldest with me then 8 or so. Video'd him with the goal posts going down behind him. The second time, I took him down to the southwest corner where all the Husker fans were blaming Sovich, Osborne, God, etc and I told him to soak ...
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re: So, is this the year we fire Cuonzo - Guinny_Ire
We're better than awful! :nana:...
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re: So, is this the year we fire Cuonzo - Guinny_Ire
If Drinkwitz comes out swinging and we see some immediate success, the pressure will be on as to why basketball isn't coming along. That could be the beginning of the end if Cuonzo doesn't show improvement....
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re: My Interactions with Auburn Fans - Guinny_Ire
Very nice people. Very complimentary of Mizzou fans. Talked football, and they volunteered "we saw your guys stop playing in the first half, we've been there". Also pointed out how we don't probably appreciate how we've been to Atlanta twice and there are teams in the SEC who have never been there b...
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re: Those that think this Barry Odom hire was Kim Anderson 2.0 please post in this thread. - Guinny_Ire
Mizzou was a toxic dump at the time of the hire. We were not going to get any hyped coordinator who had any belief they were headed to better things. We were going to attract coaches on the way down and HCs that success at the lowest level. It's true Mack Rhodes had one foot out the door, but see my...
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re: Predictions for the rest of the season - Guinny_Ire
If Barry is allowed to remain at the helm, no more wins, I don't see the boys playing for him or caring for him. Interim coach maybe gets the boys to play for respect, pick up a win or two if you can pick off a dejected Tennessee or Vandy. Sam Clemens on Tigerboard made a good call for Sterk of firi...
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