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During the SEC Coaches Teleconference on Wednesday, Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher was asked about the final play vs. Alabama last week and whether interference affected the outcome. Per SDS:

Jimbo Fisher admits that the final play against Alabama could have been called interference.

“They all can. That’s a judgement, that’s their opinion. I’m not going to get into that,” Fisher said on the SEC coaches media teleconference.

As the Aggies have a bye week this week, Fisher reflected on last week’s opponent.

“I think Alabama’s a very good football team,” Fisher said. “I have a lot of respect for them. … Alabama’s a very, very good football team.”

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Kk7416 months
Does any coach cry as much as Jimbo?
user avatar
caliegeaux16 months
i like how he states alabama is good football team. a very, very good football team, like he's commenting on someone inferior to him. what a dolt!
user avatar
BamaRoo16 months
Jimbo , shut your pie hole and try to win
maybe a game or two more this season.
user avatar
RTRcdub16 months
Must suck to lose to a team that gives you the ball four times and misses two field goals
user avatar
cajunmud16 months
You should have made a stink about then!
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