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New Texas A&M head coach Mike Elko has received a 6-year, $42 million contract from the University, according to his term sheet. His base salary is $7 million.

Eklo's salary pool for assistant coaches and staff is $11 million. Here are the other incentives included in his contract. Per USAToday:

Post-Season Incentives:
Make the College Football Playoff (CFP): $ 1 million
Advance to the CFP Quarter Finals and/or win the SEC title: $1.5 million
Advance to the CFP Semi-Finals: $2 million
Advance to the CFP Championship Game: $2.5 million
Win the National Championship: $3.5 million

Other Incentive Compensation:
Appear in SEC Championship Game: $100,000
SEC Coach of the Year: $50,000
National Coach of the Year: $100,000
Multi-year APR of 960 or above: $50,000

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holmesbr3 months
You would think there would be more incentive to be coach of the year. If he takes them to a 2 loss season that's probably more than 50k of work.
user avatar
Hog on the Hill3 months
It’s more than $50k of work but is it more than $7,050,000 of work?
user avatar
scrooster3 months
Jimbo is somewhere snickering right now.
user avatar
CanebreakCajun3 months
He hits zero incentives.
user avatar
Hurricane20203 months
That's actually a phenomenal contract for both parties. I really like it.
user avatar
RealityWinsOut3 months
Yup. The big auto guaranteed money contracts needs to go away like the "coach in waiting" tag.
user avatar
LSUvet723 months
What ! fat 10 year guaranteed contract ?......... Aggies going cheapo now.
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