Tennessee has hired UCF athletic director Danny White as their new A.D. to replace Phillip Fulmer,
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According to Dan Wolken of USA Today, Tennessee has hired UCF athletic director Danny White as their new athletic director, replacing Phillip Fulmer, who is leaving the program after four seasons... Well, he's got some work to do.

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LSUNV37 months
Fuller was a horrible AD anybody would be an upgrade lol
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Jet Sweep37 months
What goes around comes around for Fat Phil . He got the former AD fired now it’s his turn .
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Serraneaux37 months
Lane is coming home.
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Chalkywhite8437 months
Actually a great hire
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ncinthenext337 months
What's the new AD going to change? Will they use Burger King bags now?
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FaCubeItches37 months
The corruption of the old regime is now over! Let a new wave of corruption wash over the land!
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weremoose37 months
The king is dead, long live the king!
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tigersaint7437 months
Is this the same Danny White that used to play for the Cowgirls?
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Fightin Okra37 months
Fat Phillip did a number on his beloved school. Tried to cheat to keep up with Bama, FL, UGA, and LSU.
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ForeverGator37 months
Fitting. Now Tennessee will be claiming fake Nattys while their football team stays at home.
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