Earlier this season, Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney had this to say about Tennessee after the team lost to South Carolina...

“When you’re in Tennessee’s position, and they’re like, ‘OK, we beat South Carolina, we beat Vandy,’ and they’re in the playoffs. They’re flipping burgers at the house, having a cold drink watching the championship weekend, ‘What are we? Are we 3 or 4? Where are we going? Are we in Arizona or are we in Atlanta?’ And the next thing you know, you forget you’ve gotta go play.”
So, after the Tennessee beat Clemson in the Orange Bowl, one Vols fan trolled Dabo by sending him burgers... (The Spun)
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Billy Mays14 months
Tennessee fans are meth-heads, confirmed
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YStar14 months
You spent 100 bucks to give someone free burgers and you think you're the one trolling
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soccerfüt14 months
Weak troll attempt expected from UT after being absolutely irrelevant for two decades.
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HubbaBubba14 months
LOL at the dv's. Some people can't handle the truth.
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well that’s fricking lame
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gamecockman1214 months
Pretty pathetic troll attempt.
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Jyrdis14 months
What kind of dumbass spent $104 to troll someone? Umm…yes, I’ll take those burgers.
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