Tennessee came from behind against Georgia Tech to take a double-overtime victory. Because of that, the game didn't end until around midnight on a school night. The led the cameras to find this Tennessee player saying he wasn't going to class...

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I'm no lip reader but it looks like he said "that's not goin in my ass". Butt chugging reference?
Reply3 months
No way that's what he said. A vol never turns down the chance for a bag of Franzia in their ass.
2 months
I'm pretty sure athletes are allowed to miss a few classes and be ok. It's the guys who never go, that get in trouble, I could be wrong, never played college sports
Reply3 months
Larry, edit your stuff. You kind of forgot the "saying" part in the headline.
Reply3 months
Why is this news? I wouldn't go either. He was at an approved (required) athletic event that did not return him to his room until very early in the AM. He's just stating the obvious. Worry more about the big things and not this very minor stuff. For all they know he has a 4.0 average.
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The game wasn't over until after midnight, and they still had to shower and get on the buses, which probably didn't leave until 1:30. I don't know if they flew or rode the buses back to Knoxville, but either way, there's no way they made it back before 3:30/4:00 AM, way later if they took the bus... I don't blame him, I wouldn't be going to class either.
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