Steve Spurrier Writes Letter To South Carolina Fans
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After a 2-4, South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier stepped down from his position. On Tuesday night, Spurrier wrote this letter to Gamecocks fans explaining his decision...

In the last few years when asked how much longer I plan to coach, I have said often that if our team is going in the wrong direction I need to resign and allow someone else to take over as head coach here. After six games, we were 2-4 with two blow-outs by Georgia and LSU. We were behind at halftime against UCF (a team that went 0-12 this year). We were definitely going in the wrong direction. I felt that I was doing a lousy job as head coach and a change would help our team become more competitive.

I told our team after I resigned that they needed new leadership, new enthusiasm and a new plan. By stepping aside, this allowed Shawn Elliott the opportunity to change our direction, change our attitude, and hopefully, he could be named head coach after the season. If this happens, some of our assistant coaches would be retained, and this was a major reason for me to get out of the way. Also, by resigning, I forfeited the buyout clause in my contract that saved our university three million dollars.

I certainly believe, as the media has said, that our team played better after I resigned. Shawn Elliott did an excellent job getting this team prepared to play with enthusiasm and effort the rest of our season. Unfortunately, the close games turned into close losses...
You can read the rest of the letter here.
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Brosef Stalin17103 months
Carolina_Girl's jimmies are so rustled that my jimmies are becoming uncomfortable :/
user avatar
GoldenDawg103 months
P.S. Georgia made me quit.
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Carolina_Girl103 months
He took the damn $3 million. Frickin' lying a-hole. Pastides gave it to him and he accepted it and has remained on the University's payroll and will remain there until the end of December. And he mentions he was hoping by his stepping down that Elliott AND SOME ASSISTANTS would be retained. There's the real issue at play, boys and girls. His two sons. He was trying to secure their jobs by endorsing Elliott in the hope that Elliott, if chosen, would retain that staff. The only thing truthful in that entire damn letter is that he was doing a shitty job.
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CptBengal103 months
What a great man. Forfeit his buyout to help the University.
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Foolish cock103 months
I appreciate that he acknowledges whats obvious, he was doing a shitty job. Tanner gave him the 3 mil anyway, so this is somewhat bulljive. He should have stuck around and taken his medicine with this pathetic team he put together...
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Thracken13103 months
and yet if he stayed there, and they tanked worse than they did and the university paid his buyout - you guys trashing him for his decision, would be trashing him for "robbing" the university of 3 mil.
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pdawg103 months
I see. It was either resign or be forced to receive the $3M buyout. No way would the university keep the money if Steve quietly returned it to them or simply refused it at the end of the season.

Good work trying to cover your poor sportsmanship. SoS has always been poor winner and a sore loser.
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emanresu103 months
Sole purpose of the letter was to put pressure on the administration to hire Elliott as HC. He was mentioned more times than Spurrier in the letter.
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High C103 months
What's a quiter?
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lsu13lsu103 months
That is pretty classy. It has become apparent this site is full of trolls and internet funny guys. I just wish a lot more were actually funny.

This is a great letter and good for Spurrier. I wish more people in this country did things like this.
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WithaRebelYell103 months
I dunno what you are talking about for three million dollars I would lose every game by 50 points and sleep like a baby.
user avatar
blueboxer1119103 months
Whatever helps you sleep better at night. Quiter.
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