According to ESPN's Chris Low, South Carolina head coach Shane Beamer is about to get a huge raise...
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The Gamecocks went 8-5 this season.

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scrooster15 months
This is not an indictment of SC football, although Ray Tanner is the worst AD in The League (emphasis mine), rather this is an indictment on college football in general and especially the SEC where Beamer will still be only the 9th or 10th highest paid coach in The Conference by the time all is said and done. College football money is completely out of hand from coaches' salaries to NIL deals to facilities. It is unsustainable and a travesty with regard to what college sports were always meant-to-be all-about imho. But I'm old and am finally able to see the destructive nature of such unfettered capitalistic folly where our institutions of higher learning are concerned. It's no longer college sports ... it's big corrupted corporate business disguised as NCAA football.
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LSUrme15 months
LOL, what?
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RECConspiracy15 months
Too bad it wasn’t Jimbo. The meltdown that would cause lol.
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BayouBengal9915 months
If Jimbo isn’t careful he’ll be the first HC with an amended contract worth less than he originally signed. If I’m one of these Athletic directors and I’m approving these massive long term contracts, there’s no way I’d agree to anything, massive and long term without having an amendment option after 5 years of results, taking into account, massive roster changes due to success or massive coaching losses due to success. But if he’s having that much success then there shouldn’t be an issue in the first place. I mean it probably doesn’t matter to begin with because it’s all shared money and the only real beneficiaries are SEC championship royalties and national championship royalties. The bigger bowls might provide some extra money but it’s nothing like championship money. Jimbo is definitely not tending well and imo he doesn’t have the nerve it takes to run a big time program. He’s an OC and he’s an outdated OC. That’s it imo. I’m so so glad we didn’t end up with that dude. I’d rather have coach O’s 3 years of upward trend with 2019 as the end of his career than to have 10 years with that dude. O should have left after 19 with the rest of them. He should have taken his royalties for the 2019 season and then retired. I think we could have easily gotten CBK after that season and probably be competing for the playoff, if not this year, next season for sure, under his leadership.
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ForeverGator15 months
Lost 38-6 to a terrible Florida team… yet gets a raise. Lol.
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Geauxldilocks15 months
8-5 would look pretty good to sunbelt Billy right now.
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3PieceSpicy15 months
Kind of ridiculous lol

Will probably be fired within 2 seasons tbh
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BatonRougeBuckeye15 months
Beamer about to go 4-8
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saint tiger22515 months
I should have been a mediocre head coach.
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rich628515 months
One good season and that hefty of a raise...
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TheTigershark15 months
That or probably lose him and start over
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KAGTASTIC15 months
Yuge indeed...that's what she said.
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