Trent Richardson has been silent about the Hall of Famer Jim Brown's criticism of him being "ordinary." But earlier this month Trent finally addressed those comments to

“He has his own thoughts. That’s him being him,” Richardson said. “I have no problem with it. I just wish the best of luck for him whatever he’s doing in life.”

“I laugh at the situation,” Richardson said. “You don’t know me from spic to span. But he’s Jim Brown. He’s done a lot here and I haven’t done anything yet. I have a lot to accomplish and big shoes to fill. When it comes down to it, I have to work and make sure I make him a believer. I haven’t done anything yet.”
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pellietigersaint140 months
let go Jim. your time is over. you are irrelevant. move aside
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GeauxTigers0107140 months

"Jim Brown has more class in his pinky than most due in their entire body"

Maybe if you went to CLASS you would know the difference between "due" and "do".

To Jim Brown: In the words of David Stern, have you stopped beating your wife yet? And lets not forget the rape charges.

Yeah, that's class.
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bdnc140 months
the old man needs to shut up and let the kids play
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cameron789787140 months
Trent Richardson, Franco Harris, seems like Jim Brown doesn't like anyone who is or has potential to break his records.

Probably didn't like Payton or Smith either
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Tiger in NY140 months
Jim Brown is a woman beater. F that guy.
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ItsThatDude12140 months
frick Jim Brown, ever since Mars Attacks i haven't liked that guy
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Bestbank Tiger140 months
Class?? Is RonBurgundy's definition of class throwing women out windows?
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Cadello140 months
Ron Burgandy dropping knowledge??? Dropping something.
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RonBurgundy140 months
Jim Brown has more class in his pinky than most due in their entire body, ALcapone.
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harmonics140 months
Classic Trent Richardson. Not surprising he would take the high road in his rebuttal.
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stho381140 months
That's a kid that is grounded and hungry and has the potential to be very good in the NFL. Good luck to him. He has always handled himself well.
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ALcapone140 months
thats a kid showing an old man what having class is like
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