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According to, Texas A&M made headlines on Tuesday morning when an Aggies-themed billboard popped up in Gainesville on the corner of 13th Street and 53rd Avenue. The billboard reads...

"You've Been Annexed By Aggie Nation," (smaller print below says...) "The Best Academics & Cleanest Program in the SEC. Real Football. Real Tradition."
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ithad2bme141 months
I am a Tiger fan in Texas, and what I am hearing is that the sign was purchased by someoene in Austin who was butthurt about the Aggies move to the SEC.
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Tiger inTampa141 months
Am I the only one who thinks somone in Jorts probably had something to do with that board? Unless the "Aggie Nation" has suddenly developed a sense of sarcasm this wreaks of friendly fire from Gatorville.
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Run DMC141 months
I bet one of these won't go up in Baton Rouge the week of the game....
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Mr. Shankly141 months
I hate UF as much as the next guy but this is ridiculous. I hope UF steamrolls the faggies...
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Random LSU Hero141 months
lol i kinda like it. frick florida
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BamaGrad09141 months
"Real Football, Real Tradition" WTF! As for the Tradition 682-450-48 record all-time a 60% winning percentage (not including ties); 18th on the all time wins list behind SEC - Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, LSU, and Auburn; 2 National Championships the last in 1939; Last conference title 1998 Big 12; and the bowl record 14-19. I guess we can ask Eric Dickerson and his gold Trans Am about the cleanest program comment.
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ClydeFrog141 months
Best of the public schools maybe but what about Vanderbilt?
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tigerfan1141 months
Real Football? I guess they will just whistle past that little 3 Gator National Championships thing. Perhaps the Aggies are living like its 1939.
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281Tiger141 months
"The best.academics and cleanest program in the SEC". Signed Jackie Sherrill.
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PurpleGoldTiger141 months
They must have discovered that new word checker thing on those fancy new picture boxes.
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Clyde Tipton141 months
Everything appears to be spelled correctly...

Very nice.
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