When asked about South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore’s injury, Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney said...

“I was watching it and it just breaks my heart. I mean I just hurt for him and his family and his teammates. This is a guy that to me represents all the good things that college football should be about.”
Well, Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier used this opportunity to give Swinney a back-handed compliment...

“A lot of quotes came across from the nation and I read one today from the head coach at our upstate school. You know, that school that used to beat us a lot that doesn’t beat us much anymore, that one. Usually when that coach up there talks about South Carolina it’s a bunch of garbage and a bunch of BS usually. But I have to agree with him on what he said the other day. He said, ‘Marcus Lattimore stands for what’s right about college football.’”

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wadewilson138 months
If it was about almost any other school, I would say that was rude and unnecessary, but Clemson is full retard.
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Carson123987138 months
love spurrier
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Unobtanium138 months
Spurrier is a dick, water is wet.

Why so surprised?
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lsu480138 months
Cool story Leo :-)
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