Apparently when Florida’s offensive line coach Tim Davis called Nick Saban “the devil himself” at a booster meeting in Florida recently he really upset ESPN’s Mark May for some reason. May said...

“I don’t know Tim Davis, but my opinion, he’s a classless backstabbing coward. You’re talking about a guy in Nick Saban that gave you an opportunity to coach. He gave you an opportunity to move up the coaching ranks, so you could support your family, put food on the table, clothes on their backs. Not for one year. He gave you the opportunity for three years on his staff.

“If you have a problem with Nick Saban, pick up the phone, put your big-boy pants on and man up and say ‘Coach, I got a problem with you and here’s why.’ You don’t go out in front of some group of friendly fans out there and say that about Nick Saban, a guy that gave you an opportunity to be a coach.”
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Captain Ron131 months
How about listing the 53 NFL players Saban did NOT coach in Miami?
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AllBamaDoesIsWin131 months
Saban and Mark May have clearled rustled the jimmies of the entire state of Louisiana.
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jdg91878131 months
Oh..and Saban would never be two faced and turn his back on the very program that gave him his shot at the big time, right mark. Get Sabans tool out yo mouth ESPN. Without mulligans and do overs, he's what Tim davis said he is; a prick and a shitty human. I swear, Saban is to ESPN and the national sports media what Obama is to the liberal media. At the same time, miles has as many sec titles in sabans time at bama, gets fricked in the 2011 MNC, and the media says nothing except he's an idiot and everyone can win at Lsu. U know, recruiting hotbed, a rock could win at Lsu with that talent to pool from, except Bama always has the #1 class. Fing hypocrite media.
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braud2go131 months
Well this is sorta hypocritical...
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AUlove23131 months
Get the d out cha mouth mark.
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Tommy Patel131 months
"just goes to show you how much real estate Saban owns in the dome of every SEC coach." ~ Moustache

this is worth repeating, cause its true. One could broaden that to a much larger demographic and not be pushing it.
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LSU 318 LSU131 months
I hate Mark May with an ever loving passion, but I approve of this
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NYCAuburn131 months
You know, I dont think a coach has ever pandered to his own fanbase/boosters by making comments about another team/coach ever before. The travesty, the horror
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Bama98131 months
where can I buy a ticket for said Suck Fest?
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Moustache131 months
just goes to show you how much real estate Saban owns in the dome of every SEC coach.
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Run DMC131 months
Well in all honesty he's right. It's a chicken shite thing to do.
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kmcmah1131 months
...and the Mark May Saban suck fest continues.
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