Appearing on ESPN2’s “The Dan LeBatard Show” on Monday, Les Miles was asked by the host of an example of when his family members think he's "a little crazy." Miles told a story of riding in a car with his daughter, Kathryn, who is nicknamed "Smacker," driving over the Mississippi River bridge in Baton Rouge...

"I was describing to her how she was responsible for the car and it didn't make any difference what was going on in the back seat," Miles said. "I was coaching. We're crossing the bridge way up in the air and I took an open bottle of water and threw it at her, drenched her.

"She's saying, 'Now what was that about, Dad.' (I said) 'What that was about was you understanding, what you have to do, is not worry about what's going on in the perimeter when you drive us across this bridge.' That was certainly one (example of family thinking he's crazy)."
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DadFanAlum143 months
As a dad who taught three kids to drive, hats off to Les. I'd rather test their resistance to distractions with me in the car than learn they failed to ignore them later.
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CapitalCityTiger143 months
Lol, next he is going to blow an airhorn in her face to make sure she stays calm under pressure.
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TexasTiger89143 months
The awesome-ness of Les Miles
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teddy roosevelt143 months
bahahaha that bridge still sketches me out and ive gone over it countless times.
user avatar
Mr. Hangover143 months
the most interesting man in college football strikes again
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