Elyria, Ohio native Les Miles was a surprise guess speaker at his alma matter Elyria High School's commencement on Saturday. Les said...

“You’ve got to live life like someone’s stealing it from you,” said Miles, who was in town for his 40th high school reunion. “Do it with passion.”

“The reason you are allowed to have success is because someone believes in you and starts you on your way,” said Miles

“If you’re going to work at a gas station, get there early and get it right,” Miles said.

He urged the 164th graduating class of Elyria High School to “operate with swagger.”

“Swagger really means style,” Miles said. “I’ve never met an Elyria High graduate who didn’t have style.”
He was touring the new $70 million Elyria High School on Saturday with some of his old football buddies when the topic of speaking at graduation came up, according to Elyria Schools Superintendent Paul Rigda. You can read more about his visit here.
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I find it somewhat strange the reporter didn't mention results of LSU's national championship game vs Alabama. And, especially strange, no mention of LSU's 38 - 28 victory over Ohio State in the BCS Championship for the 2007 season. Nor, that Coach Miles played at Meechigan. Perhaps, that is because Elyria is in Ohio. Hmm ...

Indeed, the accomplishments of Coach Miles are great for any high school or town. Perhaps, one day they will name a street after him, as the did for Vic Janowicz, winner of the 1950 Heisman & Buckeyes triple-threat. Janowicz, what an athlete! LINK
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The Man The Myth The Legend--Les Miles
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