AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, didn’t take offense to Brent Musburger's comments during the BCS National Championship game, even though the ESPN felt compelled to issue an apology on Tuesday.

“I think the media has been really unfair to him,” Webb said on Wednesday’s edition of “The Today Show,” her first public interview since her meteoric rise to fame. “I think that if he would have said some along the lines that we were hot or sexy or made any derogatory statements like that, I think that would have been a little bit different. But the fact that he said that we were beautiful and gorgeous, I don’t see why any woman wouldn’t be flattered by that.”
You can watch her Today Show interview here.
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DaSaltyTiger134 months
At least we know ole Brent's still got a sex drive. Good for him. Someone made the decision to put her picture on. He just responded in a complimentary. What was he going to say" "Ugliest bitch I've every seen?", "Yep, that's carrying my baby?"

God, he simply complimented the girl, which was a good compliment. At least he and Herbie weren't Fapping to the pic while talking about her! OK? Way too big a deal made out of this by the PC idiots.
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Bestbank Tiger134 months
Dangit Katherine. You should pretend to be deeply offended so we can all have Mushmouth off our TVs next year. You'd be a national hero.
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mxreid429134 months
Reminds me of that fsu chick that got famous
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Kunka134 months
The ironic thing is that if this was the starting QB at LSU's girlfriend everyone on the Rant would beg the stories about this whole thing to never stop because it would be about LSU. Because it's about Bama people want it to stop.
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Walt OReilly134 months
once again larry...thanks for another outstanding article
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Escobar600134 months
this female's plan to get famous worked to perfection. All that's left is a reality show. America and its fascination with bullshite. SMH
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BamaInBlanchard134 months
We were all thinking the same thing. Brent just had a mike in his hand.
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TenTex134 months
Will Tiger Dropping Posters ever be held to the same scrutiny as ESPN holds Brent Musburger?
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SaintsSBXLIV134 months
Please make the AJ McCarron g/f stories stop.
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razthecat134 months
Brent on dat blue pill ya hur meh
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Carson123987134 months
brents getting up in that fosho
user avatar
beardedzeus134 months
Brents hittin that
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