Jessica Dorrell resigned from her position at Arkansas Tuesday. Her resignation included a $14,000 settlement from the university. Dorrell was given a paid leave of absence a week ago as she and the university figured out where to go next with her employment.
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Spankum147 months
A $ 20,000 signing bonus and a $ 14,000 severance package all from a job that she may not have been the best candidate for in the first place....damn, looks like being a tall, blue-eyed blonde with head coach gonads on your chin can have some benefits....
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Bloodworth147 months
She can use the money to pay for her wedding...A wedding gift from Ark
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ready4something147 months
now if that is not affirmative action i dont what is.
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PurpleGoldTiger147 months
I'm in the wrong business.
You could have had unsatisfactory results in over half of your endeavors for multiple years and still found someone willing to pay you +2 million a year?
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stout147 months
She has made $34K that we know of just using her vagina
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myree147 months
amen clientnumber9
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ClientNumber9147 months
How is that she gets $14,000 for knowingly violating company policy? This is insane. I wish I could commit a fireable offense at work, then resign and get a $14,000 payout. I'm in the wrong business.
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