Harvey Updyke, the Alabama fan who is accused of poisoning the famous oak trees at Toomer's Corner at Auburn University, turned down a plea offer from prosecutors that would have required him to spend 13 years in prison and never attend a Crimson Tide sporting event for the rest of his life, a source close to the case told on Friday. His trial is scheduled to begin March 5.

My favorite part of the article is Auburn alum Charles Barkley's quote on the matter who thinks 13 years in prison is too severe...

"That's too much," Barkley said. "Is he an idiot? Of course, he's an idiot. You can't let him off for free. You give him a month in jail and make him donate money to Auburn. You can't put the guy in prison for 13 years. That's crazy."
Charles always knows how to break it down for us.
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Man as Bobby Hebert would say that is ridiculous. I know the trees are important and all that but 13 years in prison, you gotta be kidding me. Man there are multiple DWI offenders, rapists, child molesters and I even know someone who only received 5 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter. That is why no one has any respect for our justice syster. I guess if he was Lindsay Lohan everything would be cool.
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LSUFanNTX148 months
Give him something to knock him out and put him in a cell with the teabagger.
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Spankum148 months
Shows just how screwed up our justice system is....pitiful...
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mytigger148 months
Give the guy 60 days in jail spent in 2 day increments (Fri evening through Sunday morning) on every Alabama game for the next two 2 years (and no TV or radio while in Jail. And charge him a $10,000 fine.
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LATIGERFAN148 months
That's insane. Give the guy 80 hours of community service to be done at Auburn and a stiff fine. Putting a guy in jail for hurting trees? Ridiculuous.
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TIGER PASS148 months
We cant get drug dealers and child rapist that much time in jail. I agree. Make him sit in jail on Bama game days wearing Auburn gear and be done with it.
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Bestbank Tiger148 months
They should give Updyke one year in jail--but not all at once. He should have to check in to jail the night before every Bama game and leave the morning after. When those 36-hour stints add up to one year, he'll have completed his sentence.
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