Fan Poll Ranks Every SEC Logo From Best To Worst..............................
Without sports being played, a lot of polls and rankings are taking place to pass the time. Today's poll ranks every SEC from best to worst. Per The Spun...
quote:, a sports site run by a market researcher, polled over 3,000 fans over at the College Football Subreddit to find the answer. As it turns out, people are into Auburn’s interlocking ‘AU’ logo.

The poll was conducted using the “MaxDiff” technique, which explains the scores given on the graphic below. Using the technique, scores of 100 are considered average. Each point above 100 is the percentage above the average team that the team scored. Auburn and Florida’s Gator logo were 151 and 150 points, respectively, for the top two spots.

(The Spun)
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TailbackU47 months
"As it turns out, people are into Auburn’s interlocking ‘AU’ logo". It's perfect, which is why it was so insane that they were messing with it last year.
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El Mattadorr47 months
USC has a cool logo. Way too low.
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AustinKnight47 months
Switch 4 and 5
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diddlydawg747 months
It’s Arkansas and it’s not necessarily close
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91TIGER47 months
Arkansas #1. They should also just go back to their 70's uniforms and cut out all of the volleyball/softball stuff they've done for the last 20 years. Don't re-invent the wheel.
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Animal47 months
Arky too low.
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