I guess Alabama fans are still thriving on their 32–13 win over Florida in the 2009 SEC. user and Alabama fan gooberrrygumdrops posted a photo on Sunday evening of this display and what their little sign is referencing...

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Witecoco139 months
Typical Bama fan can't move on, always living in the past.
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0jersey139 months
We made him cry first.
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MoreOrLes139 months
Once again proving that is that red letter A was place on a pile of crap, gumps would still buy it. Sad really
user avatar
mcpotiger139 months
Yep ole Tim is crying all the way to the bank whilst they languish away in trailerville.
user avatar
FleshEatingSalsa139 months
Yes. We are. We are still on this. Every single one of us.
user avatar
lsutigernosaint139 months
Boy, they are still on this huh?
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