Harvey Updyke, the man allegedly responsible for poisoning the Toomer's Corner oak trees, was arrested in Louisiana on Sept. 18 and charged with terrorizing. He was trying to return a lawn mower to a home improvement store and became angry when the manager wouldn't credit him the full $150, the police report says. When the arresting officer suggested Updyke call a lawyer, the Alabama football fan refused, saying "he would take care of this on his own," the Times-Picayune reported on its website Monday. Hammond Police spokesman Lt. Vincent Giannobile said, according to the paper...

"He had a sad story," "He said he was going to prison anyway, he had a bad heart, and he didn't care. He kept insinuating that he wasn't going to take no for an answer."
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Gumbo1137 months
"CHSvideoman - 20 hours ago

Roll damn tide lolololololo this guy is a great ambassador for the skool! "

I doubt he graduated from High School and that is giving him credit for Middle School (questionable).
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LSUCouyon137 months
My son and I were in Auburn, Al for last Saturday's game between LSU and Aubur. as we went by Harvey's poisoned trees at Toomer's Corner, I told my son," The only thing missing is Harvey's lynched body hanging from the biggest dead tree." What a waste of air!
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bdnc137 months
the gift that keeps on giving
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thanksjhester137 months
So i take it he has moved to LA? If so Les needs to have his grass tested before eating.
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gerguson137 months
You think I care?

I really don't.

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gxtigs1137 months
I am sure Bama nation is very proud
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Fewer Kilometers137 months
I assumed that he would just poison his grass instead of cutting it.
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CHSvideoman137 months
Roll damn tide lolololololo this guy is a great ambassador for the skool!
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el capitan137 months
It would be Lowe's. There is no Home Depot in Hammond, LA.
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Clyde Tipton137 months
Who hasn't blown up at Home Depot over their return policy?
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idlewatcher137 months
He continues to impress
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