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According to LA Daily News, USC's top choice to replace Lane Kiffin next year is Texas A&M's coach Kevin Sumlin.

"USC hopes to hire its next football coach in December, and Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin has emerged as the top target, according to sources.

Sumlin, who has won 30 games the past 2 1/2 seasons at Houston and Texas A&M, is also mentioned as a possible candidate at Texas and is one of the hottest names in coaching. There could be a bidding war after the season and he might even draw interest from NFL teams."
You think Sumlin would leave the SEC for the Pac 12?
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bayoubilly57127 months
It's all about the green stuff!
user avatar
Maroon Flash127 months
USC can want in one hand and poop in the other.
user avatar
CP3LSU25127 months
This will be so funny when he leaves
user avatar
KaiserSoze99127 months
He gone.
user avatar
Bitter Bob127 months
Do a google image search for USC cheerleaders then another search for Texas A&M cheerleaders. Report back with your findings.
user avatar
Cracking127 months
Art Briles to A&M or UT.
user avatar
Tiger022127 months
After he leaves, he'll look even more like a genius when A&M sucks next season.
user avatar
SCBuckeyegirl127 months
Dr Morgus...nice, but I think he looks more like Judge Mathis, in this pic
user avatar
TheWinBar127 months
Why is Sumlin such a hot candidate. His defense sucks
user avatar
He is just as good as gone. Nothing against the Aggies but IMO, he and his wife are heading to Hollywood.
user avatar
5Wide127 months
He gone
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loweralabamatrojan127 months
If we do get Sumlin I'd be happy, on the condition we retain Coach O on staff as recruiting coordinator or position coach. He's been great for the team since Kiffin left.
user avatar
km127 months
He'd better bring Football Johnnie with him.
user avatar
Tigah in the ATL127 months
Maybe the single best job in college football if you're not a screw-up like Kiffin.
user avatar
StorminAg127 months
Think what you wanna think. He ain't leavin.
user avatar
justice127 months
Yea he would take the USC job
user avatar
TexasTiger68127 months
Anybody with half a brain would leave College Station for LA in a New York second!
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