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ESPN College Football writers Kyle Bonagura and Mark Schlabach along with Chance Linton of CBS Sports have revealed their updated Bowl after Week 8.

Bonagura (ESPN): Peach Bowl (CFP) vs. Clemson
Schlabach (ESPN): Peach Bowl (CFP) vs. Clemson
Linton (CBS): Peach Bowl (CFP) vs. Ohio State

Bonagura: Outback Bowl vs. Minnesota
Schlabach: Outback Bowl vs. Minnesota
Linton: Outback Bowl vs. Minnesota

Bonagura: Citrus Bowl vs. Wisconsin
Schlabach: Citrus Bowl vs. Wisconsin
Linton: Citrus Bowl vs. Wisconsin

Bonagura: Orange Bowl vs. Virginia
Schlabach: Cotton Bowl vs. SMU
Linton: Cotton Bowl vs. Memphis

Bonagura: Music City Bowl vs. Pitt
Schlabach: Belk Bowl vs. Duke
Linton: Liberty Bowl vs. Texas Tech

Bonagura: Sugar Bowl vs. Baylor
Schlabach: Sugar Bowl vs. Baylor
Linton: Sugar Bowl vs. Baylor

Mississippi State:
Bonagura: Belk Bowl vs. North Carolina
Schlabach: Gator Bowl vs. Nebraska
Linton: Belk Bowl vs. Wake Forest

South Carolina:
Bongaura: Gator Bowl vs. Indiana
Schlabach: Music City Bowl vs. Louisville
Linton: Gator Bowl vs. Iowa

Texas A&M:
Bonagura: Texas Bowl vs. Kansas State
Schlabach: Texas Bowl vs. Oklahoma State
Linton: Texas Bowl vs. Oklahoma State
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So according to them...WHO's the 4th Playoff Team? Surely not Chokelahoma w Baylor being Runner -up in Big 12
Reply47 months
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I’ll take it.
Reply47 months
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Uga and LSU would be the only sure Ws in that scenario. Would be a tough bowl season for the SEC
Reply47 months
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So l9u coming
Reply47 months
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LSU:  Bonagura: Sugar Bowl vs. Baylor  Schlabach: Sugar Bowl vs. Baylor  Linton: Sugar Bowl vs. Baylor  Nobody's going to really believe in LSU until we beat you-know-who.
Reply47 months
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