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CBS Sports revealed their post-spring practice Top 25 rankings last week and included six teams from the SEC.

1. Alabama
2. Ohio St.
3. Georgia
4. Oklahoma
5. Baylor
6. Michigan
7. Texas A&M
8. Notre Dame
9. Utah
10. Arkansas
11. Clemson
12. Miami (Fla.)
13. Ole Miss
14. USC
15. Tennessee
16. Michigan St.
17. Texas
18. Oregon
19. Wisconsin
20. Okla. St.
21. Wake Forest
22. BYU
23. Houston
24. Penn St.
25. Cincinnati
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I see 8, what with OU and Texas practically blood cousins at this point. Next year, they'll be in the SEC, most likely.
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It's freaking hilarious that ND loses coach and is starting over with a coach that has no real HEAD coaching experience and they are ranked 8th. LSU with a natty 3 years ago and a prominent head coach from ND is not even ranked. It highlights the preference some elite schools get in the media. They were angry when Kelly had the audacity to leave ND for a "culture" like LSU.
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#8 will have a losing season....
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Tennessee at 15? Did Serraneaux ghost write this article?
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Had to be.
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Yup... a list based on what you saw from all the schools' generic play calling, back up heavy, shenanigan laced spring games seems pretty legit.
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I prefer the legitimacy of those on tigerrant.
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