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The 12-team College Football Playoff will be implemented this upcoming season but a potential 14-team playoff is already being discussed, starting in 2026.

The 14-team model would award three automatic qualifier spots to the SEC and Big Ten. Here's how it would look, according to ESPN:

14-Team CFP Model

The 14-team CFP model that's earned the most discussion would award three automatic qualifier spots for the Big Ten and SEC, two for the Big 12 and ACC and one for the Group of Five. That would leave three at-large spots in that 14-team model, which could be reduced to two if Notre Dame is ranked in the top 14 on Selection Day.


SEC (3 automatic qualifiers)
Big Ten (3 automatic qualifiers)
ACC (2 automatic qualifiers)
Big 12 (2 automatic qualifiers)
Group of 5 (1 automatic qualifiers)
At large (3 spots*)
Notre Dame (1 spot**)

* Depending on Notre Dame
** If in top 14 on Selection Day
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user avatar
Rex Feral2 months
fricking Notre Dame...
user avatar
Mizzoufan262 months
This hurts the SEC more than it benefits, there are no years we wouldn’t get 3 in anyways, giving away equal auto bids to other conferences that don’t deserve it and haven’t shown the merit to earn it take from our potential spots though.
user avatar
Ole Ag2 months
Why in the world would the BIG12 & ACC get more than 1 team? Stupid.
user avatar
imjustafatkid2 months
Stupid. Do the top 14, full stop.
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