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The 2018 College Football season is finally here.

While Texas A&M kicked things off for the SEC by beating down Northwestern St. on Thursday night, other teams in the conference won't have it so easy and could be facing week 1 losses.

Which brings us to this week's poll question:
Which SEC team is most likely to lose this weekend?
Tennessee (vs. West Virginia)
LSU (vs. Miami)
Auburn (vs. Washington)
Ole Miss (vs. Texas Tech)
Alabama (vs. Louisville)
Total votes: 1253Poll Closed

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Well this is awkward
Reply57 months
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Auburn is a terrible early season team. Gus screws-up again and they lose to the eventual Pack 12 champion. It will not be a disgrace to lose to them.
Reply57 months
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I picked Tennessee
Reply57 months
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LSU gets the W this Sunday. Worry about your dumpster fire team
Reply57 months
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OmegaLUL at people thinking Tennessee is more likely to lose than LSU
Reply57 months
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Idk how good WV is but the odds of Tennessee blowing a should be win are always higher.
57 months
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