Mickey Welsh
Big game this weekend.

No. 1 Georgia vs. No. 7 Alabama in the SEC Championship for a chance to play in the College Football Playoff. The Bulldogs are 5.0 point favorites in the game, and the over/under is 55.5.

Kickoff is set for 3 pm CT CBS. It's going to be a good one...

How do you see the game unfolding?

What will be the outcome of the Georgia/Alabama game?
Georgia wins by less than 10 points
Alabama wins by less than 10 points
Georgia wins by 10-19 points
Alabama wins by 10-19 points
Georgia wins by 20+ points
Alabama wins by 20+ points
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38-27 Dawgs
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weremoose3 months
georgia by fiddy
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CanebreakCajun3 months
Big deal! I pay this much a night for strippers+
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tokenBoiler3 months
The real outcome will be split 50-50 between massive butthurt complaining about the referees stealing the game and massive gloating by drunks who thought they personally contributed to the win.
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