ESPN's Paul Finebaum joined the McElroy and Cubelic in the Morning on Monday to express
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ESPN's Paul Finebaum joined the McElroy and Cubelic in the Morning on Monday to express his displeasure with SEC preseason media poll voters. This is, of course, after last week when eight media members picked Vanderbilt to win the SEC East, five of them even picked them to win the SEC Championship.....

“I appreciate what media days is. But when I see that, I really begin to wonder about people’s right to vote,” Finebaum said. "And I know that sounds crazy, because I’ve always been a big believer in democracy, but democracy has nothing to do with being qualified to vote for the SEC.

“I had somebody come up to me during the week. I’m not going to identify him, but obviously he was credentialed. And he told me he was voting for Vanderbilt,” Finebaum said. “And I shrugged my shoulders because I’ve been to this thing for 40 years. Things like that don’t surprise me. But if you vote for Vanderbilt to win the SEC, you don’t deserve to be credentialed. Because that proves that you’re just making a mockery out of something that we take seriously.”
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cctiger6011 months
someone tell old pauuuuul that opinions are like assholes and everyone has them
user avatar
Doctor K11 months
That’s not opinion that’s stupidity! Paul is correct
user avatar
LSUSkip11 months
He takes a preseason poll seriously? It's not the Heisman vote. It's a glorified puff piece for all SEC media to write about.
user avatar
CBandits8211 months
He's right
user avatar
Timeoday11 months
Why didn't Paul just roll up his sleeves, pin his ears back, and KO the guy for even saying the word "Vanderbilt"?
user avatar
Ssubba11 months
I agree. Have some respect for the institution that provides you with a career and take it seriously.
user avatar
SECdragonmaster11 months
It’s a preseason vote. Who cares? Fortunately, with the expanded playoffs- people like finescum will not be able to keep a deserving team from a shot at a title anymore.
user avatar
Shaq4prez11 months
integrity cares.
user avatar
Miznoz11 months
Who cares? Are you stupid dude? Every sports writer in the country writes articles based on the vote.
user avatar
More beer please11 months
He’s takes voting bama first every year extremely seriously. It’s a very difficult job.
user avatar
LsuFan_195511 months
He's right, and it's those same kinds of idiots that have caused us to have a committee to decide who is in the playoffs.
user avatar
Hangit11 months
A committee with politicians and sophisters on it, instead of football folks. Participants should be decided by records, strength of schedule, etc. Ability to draw TV viewers should never be a factor.
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