Paul Finebaum went on First Take, where Stephen A. Smith mistakenly began the show by congratulating Alabama on winning the national championship, that's when Finebaum had this one question for Nick Saban...
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mmtiger14 months
NIL and transfer rules is one of the causes for bama's slight slip. at the highest level, sometimes its only one or two players that are needed for a championship. they dont get or lose not yet developed players to transfer. personally, i dont think nick can adapt.
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Scotcho Libre14 months
Since 2019 Alabama has experienced a constant but slow fade. I know they won in 2020, but their 2019 team was better and they had benefitted from all their rivals experiencing their own self-inflicted mutinies.
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RTRcdub14 months
They’ve won two national championships and were in three others since Kirby left. Not too bad…starting to think Cochran was the biggest loss actually.
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TerryDawg0314 months
Georgia noticeably improved when Cochran got there. Night and day.
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tigerfan8414 months
God, Screamin A is awful
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Crimson1st14 months
How has Saban done without Smart? Won a couple of Nattys, beat him in a Natty Game, and will always be a better coach than Smart. There’s his answer…
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Contra14 months
Finebaum does this purposely to help Alabama and Saban. It's a favor of sorts. It's all a ploy for Saban to use this as motivation for his team so they can win more championships.
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