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During an appearance on "The Audible with Stew & Bruce," ESPN's Paul Finebaum named Florida as a landing spot that would make a ton of sense for Deion Sanders...

“You’ve got a brand new president there in former Sen. Ben Sasse who is a forward-thinking guy who would look at Deion [Sanders] and go, ‘I like this.’ I think he could consider this the ticket,” Finebaum said. “It is considered as one of the premier public universities in the country. They just finished No. 1 in a poll and I think Deion fits their make up very well.
(The Spun)
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Slackaveli9 months
He isnt leaving Colorado after 1 year , y'all.
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mcpotiger9 months
fricking stop already. Jeez..2 games in people 2 fricking games..
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UFMatt9 months
As usual Finebaum is full of shite.
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JackieTreehorn9 months
Wake me up when Deion beats someone with a pulse. Nebraska is dead.
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TDFreak9 months
I’m ahead of Finebaum on this. I called a potential Deion to Florida days ago. Of course, it would be two seasons down the road. Deion still needs to prove he can get in the top ten and sustain. And Billy will get an extra year regardless.

Sorry Paul. Better luck getting the scoop next time.
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Geez these cucks are just blowing their loads in the corner at a black coach being successful. Give the guy a few years there to prove himself, and maybe see how he develops a new QB out of the box, instead of having his son who he has been training and listens to him like no other player would. One that isn't influenced by NIL money either.
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jp4lsu9 months
Lets see how the season plays out before talking about him going to a big time school....geez.
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6R129 months
They just finished No. 1 in a poll and I think Deion fits their make up very well. WHAT POLL?
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GatorNation4Lyfe9 months
Wall Street Journal
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cajunmud9 months
Yeah, that makes sense. Let's hope Billy gets it turned around.
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Partha9 months
Even if he doesn't, as a UF fan, I hope we'd consider someone else besides Deion (at this point). Maybe, in a few years, he can prove that he can do what he's done for 2 weeks at CU at a sustainable level. I'll give him credit for what he's done so far, and if he can do that more than one season, I hope he would be considered as a coach if Napier fails. But at this point, it's too soon. People act like Mel Tucker was a failure at Mich State only because of the recent scandal.
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91TIGER9 months
Does that mean Sun Belt Billy back to the Cajuns ?
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evangelfan9 months
Would make sense that Finebald would think of Sasse as “forward thinking”
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