Nick Saban & Mercedes-Benz Created This Custom Tailgate Van
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
Believe it or not, Nick Saban wants you to have an awesome tailgating experience. That's why the Alabama head coach teamed with Mercedes-Benz (his Birmingham dealership) to design the "Nick Saban Signature Series Mercedes-Benz Sprinter," which is this nine seat luxury van...

Only 15 of these vans were made, and you can only get them at the Mercedes-Benz in Birmingham. Per

Built on a Mercedes-Benz 3500 Sprinter chassis, the vehicle has conference-style seating for up to seven people in the mid cabin and two in the cockpit. There are recliner-styled heated and air-cooled seats with integrated power massage.

The audio and video entertainment systems include two 40-inch LED TVs, as well as a Samsung 4K UHD 48-inch curved LED TV media system located at the rear of the vehicle.

Among the other features are an audiophile quality home theater processor and receiver, mobile DirecTV satellite system and LED accent lighting throughout the cabin.
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oleheat106 months
I'd get tired of people knocking on the window wanting to know if I have their order from Amazon.....
user avatar
LA and GA are poorer than Alabama. ~ Roses of Crimson

Louisiana's GDP is higher than the state of Alabama, so you would be wrong. Louisiana has the 3rd highest GDP growth rate in this country. Once again a bammer just making shite up.
user avatar
Roses of Crimson106 months
meh, Masters and Swarms, lol, there a re tons of people in Bama that could buy that whole dealership up if they wanted to. They wouldn't have put the dealership here if there wasnt a market for it. Stereotypes portrayed by stereotypical people. There's the Alabama TV portrays and the Alabama all of us know and love and the two are quite different. Saban and his family have made a home here. The kids love being here and Alabama is a lot like living in West Virginia. Saban could have gone anywhere and got the same money but look where they stayed. And actually, LA and GA are poorer than Alabama.
user avatar
Mud_Till_May106 months
He has that but tells his players not to get money.
user avatar
Brosef Stalin17106 months
"What a terrible investment for Saban" - Saban didn't invest anything. Mercedes-Benz is literally just renting his name ...
user avatar
Signal Soldier106 months
Good job Xzibit
user avatar
GTSwarms106 months
BAMA fans cannot even afford the tires. What a terrible investment for Saban
user avatar
Doug Masters106 months
How many little "bamers" will go without shoes cuz daddy needed a SabanMobile?
user avatar
a want106 months
user avatar
Dignan106 months

Saban did endorse it. He said "The custom tailgate van is an excellent option relative to going to and from the stadium and having an enjoyable experience with friends and family. You know, you guys want to sit up here and talk about tailgating and that's fine, but there's a transportation process that lays the foundation for an exceptional game day experience." He added, "But, I'm not here to talk about a customized Mercedes van, I'm here to discuss our upcoming game against Middle Tennessee State."
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Sid in Lakeshore106 months
I like it. Nice way to get to and from the game. Must have the driver drop you off right up front.
user avatar
Tigerpaul1969106 months
Why didn't Saban say anything about it? His name is all over it and he can't say "This thing is great!"
user avatar
Booooooooring ....
user avatar
Bamadiver106 months
I admit it. When I first saw the name I read it as the Mercedes-Benz 3500 Sphincter.
user avatar
Cheese Grits106 months
Is this a souped up short bus for the vertically challenged?
user avatar
monz29106 months
...for the person that has more money than sense.
user avatar
roguetiger15106 months
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