Mississippi State put up this Auburn promo video that is a take on Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” mashed with Will Ferrell’s famous SNL “more cowbell” sketch. Then they pulled it down. I think after watching it you'll know why...

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Fireman17117 months
Its so bad they removed it from the official MSU fb page and turn comments off.. LMAO
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Pavoloco83117 months
This is why people in Starkvegas cant have nice things.
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DoubleDown117 months
I've seen worse, but yea, kinda bad.
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earl keese117 months
So that's what Dillon Day was doing during his week off.
user avatar
LordByron117 months
Oh man, that was awful on so many different levels.
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Datbayoubengal117 months
I am literally laughing out loud.

Holy shite WTF was that! lmfao
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a want117 months
So bad it makes your butt hurt.
user avatar
TheEye117 months
holy shite how did that become and idea.
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