Lane Kiffin Reacts To Nick Saban's Sideline Blowup Yesterday
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports
Even thought Alabama led Mississippi State 41-0, head coach Nick Saban still wouldn’t let one of his players get away with an offsides call and let him know it. Something that did not go unnoticed by Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin...
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CajunBullet43 months
Little Nicky is just informing #50 what to invest in the stock market! LMAO
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Perfect Circle44 months
I can't help myself, I like Lane.
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panzer44 months
That’s why he is the best that ever was
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy44 months
a coach that yells. Such a foreign concept in Baton Rouge these days.
user avatar
Jerky44 months
I wonder if Saban gets road rage?
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CanebreakCajun44 months
Maybe we will get a covid bye week on this one.
user avatar
WhoDatNC44 months
Glad hes wearing that mask since he just got over the covid.
user avatar
PUB44 months
Better than one hit wonder coaches that get the big $ then no longer care
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TouchdownTony44 months
Nick expects u to be striving to do the best u can on every play regardless of the score. It's why some 5 stars wash out. They don't give him the effort he expects so they don't play.
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IslandBuckeye44 months
Not a fan of Bama, but I respect the hell out of Saban. He expects nothing but 100% from his players from kick off to the final gun. He let's them know when they fall short. My HS coaches did the same. There were times I hated it, but it made me a better player and person.
user avatar
BoudreauxinGA44 months
He’s a great coach but can be a tyrant on the sidelines. Gets his rocks off losing it.
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