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The SEC has four of the top 10 highest paid coaches in college football, according to USA Today Sports. Former LSU head coach Les Miles who was fired in September is No. 13 at $4,385,567.

The college football coach with the largest salary is Jim Harbaugh at $9,004,000.

Nick Saban, Alabama – $6,939,395 (No. 2)
Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M – $5 million (No. 7)
Gus Malzahn, Auburn – $4,729,500 (No. 8)
Hugh Freeze, Ole Miss – $4,703,500 (No. 9)
Les Miles, LSU – $4,385,567 (No. 13)
Jim McElwain, Florida – $4,268,325 (No. 15)
Dan Mullen, Mississippi State – $4.2 million (No. 16)
Bret Bielema, Arkansas – $4,145,000 (No. 17)
Butch Jones, Tennessee – $4,110,000 (No. 18)
Kirby Smart, Georgia – $3,753,600 (No. 23)
Mark Stoops, Kentucky – $3,513,600 (No. 26)
Will Muschamp, South Carolina – $3,002,500 (No. 36)
Derek Mason, Vanderbilt – $2,556,877 (No. 44)
Barry Odom, Missouri – $2,350,000 (No. 47)
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SthGADawg92 months
Kirby Smart, Georgia – $3,753,600 (No. 23) overpaid...imo
user avatar
Sancho Panza92 months
Every one of them should get a base same as the University President, with incentives for Wins, et Cetera...
user avatar
shotcaller192 months
Sumlin second in salary and second in the SEC this year to date. Sounds about right
user avatar
Tiger in Texas92 months
Sumlin was on the hot seat last year, he doesn't merit his salary. He lucked out in getting a good QB for this season and he has 2 Top DLineman, which he will also lose after this season- back on the hotseat next year. Saban meanwhile, should be paid over $10 million for what he does for Gumpland.
user avatar
AUbagman92 months
Nice touch with the Gus towering over Saban pic. There aren't many of those around.
user avatar
Jon Ham92 months
College football coaches in general are some of the most overpaid douche bags. I'm confident you could replace most of the top 25 paid coaches with someone else for a quarter of the cost and get similar if not better results (obviously this does not apply to Saban, Meyer, and Harbaugh).
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Masterag92 months
meanwhile... the highest paid professors who put in decades of learning and teaching are making around 100k.
user avatar
TrackDawg92 months
Not true. Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren makes 430,000 to teach one course.
user avatar
InVolNerable92 months
Professors don't fill 100k stadiums.
user avatar
AUbagman92 months
Meanwhile, that's a dumb comparison. Athletic departments operate outside the budget for schools. Are you arguing tuition should be even higher to fund the salary you think professors should earn?
user avatar
milkyweed92 months
And our Service Men and Women go into the desert and get shot to Hell and come back to no jobs and wind up homeless.
user avatar
BengalsLivesMatter92 months
Thank your DC for that
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