Florida Coach Jim McElwain Makes A Jab At Kentucky
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On Thursday, Florida head coach Jim McElwain took a little jab at Kentucky, saying their game against the Gators this weekend is their Super Bowl...
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The Wildcats haven’t beat Florida in football since 1986.

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SwaggerVance104 months
Is he wearing a hat?
user avatar
SeaCay104 months
That. Was. Not. A. Jab. #QuitTryingToMakeSomethingIntoAControversyWhenItIsn't
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pilsnerpusher104 months
Holy crap, that guy looks even more like a beaver than freeze. With freeze its just the two front teeth. This guy has the teeth, rounded head, complexion, AND the yellowed/brownish buck teeth. The byproducts of exotic DNA splicing walk among us gentleman. Next come the crab people.
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LSULyle00690104 months
Butter teeth
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Cheese Grits104 months
Florida coach has no clue if he said it was Kentucky's Super Bowl…

Everybody knows Kentucky's Super Bowl is called the Final Four

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cornhat104 months
Larry puts extra effort in his Florida Gator posts. Nice job Larry!
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Gatorbait2008104 months
How is it a jab? Beating UF would be a defining moment in the Stoops era. If UK beats UF, there is NO doubt the field is rushed. Zero. It's a much bigger game, and I doubt they go to Atlanta right now, so it would be his biggest win in terms of what it means to the fans and kids I would think. That streak is the longest in darn sure know the kids at UK want to be the ones to end it.
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Jorts R Us104 months
The truth is a jab?
user avatar
GeauxldnGurl104 months
Jim McElwain has the lips of a crackhead in that pic.
user avatar
DrSteveBrule104 months
Jesus H. Louise Christ Larry, you are reaching here
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