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1. Alabama (61) 13-0
2. Ohio State 7-1
3. Clemson 10-2
4. Texas A&M 9-1
5. Notre Dame 10-2
6. Oklahoma 9-2
7. Georgia 8-2
8. Cincinnati 9-1
9. Iowa State 9-3
10. Northwestern 7-2
11. BYU 11-1
12. Indiana 6-2
13. Florida 8-4
14. Coastal Carolina 11-1
15. Louisiana 10-1
16. Iowa 6-2
17. Liberty 10-1
18. North Carolina 8-4
19. Texas 7-3
20. Oklahoma State 8-3
21. USC 5-1
22. Miami 8-3
23. Ball State 7-1
24. San Jose State 7-1
25. Buffalo 6-1

Others receiving votes: Appalachian State 41, Tulsa 35, Army 24, Oregon 21, TCU 12, Memphis 12, Washington 10, UAB 10, NC State 7, Nevada 7, Wisconsin 3, Marshall 1, West Virginia 1

Dropped from rankings: Tulsa 22, NC State 24, Oregon 25
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user avatar
ChineseBandit5838 months
This space for Rent??
user avatar
TrueLefty38 months
I was right about San Jose State! That is the one Auburn should have hired as the next HC.
user avatar
ChineseBandit5839 months
SO - nothing has happened in the SEC since 1/25/21 ????
user avatar
brayo2239 months
Who on that list did ULL beat? Hell who on that list did they play?
user avatar
The Cool No 938 months
It was 2020 man. Some (major) schools didn’t even play, In ULLs case they did handily beat Iowa state and their only loss was close with coastal who played very well themselves under the circumstances.
user avatar
ChineseBandit5839 months
Isn't it about time to relegate this 'headline' to a searchable topic for anyone interested?? And not inhabit the #1 spot in the HEADLINES group???
user avatar
themunch39 months
LSU did not deserve a ranking. They sure did look strong in the finish of the season.
user avatar
FishFearMe39 months
ULL would have beat LSU
user avatar
Broyota239 months
Boutte would have had 400 yards alone vs ULL.
user avatar
Bomont37 months
user avatar
Blueprint40 months
FishFearMe, you reek of jealousy.
user avatar
luciouslou41 months
I think it's worse that a&m ends up ahead of us than ull
user avatar
FishFearMe41 months
Where LSU?
user avatar
TrueLefty38 months
Wow! That is very good for the SEC to have Texas A&M at number 4!
user avatar
cypresstiger41 months
A&M #4 ????
user avatar
FLObserver41 months
First time i can say i believe cajuns could have had a chance to beat LSU this year.
user avatar
TrueLefty38 months
Texas A&M? Any chance to beat LSU this year too?
user avatar
Rex Feral41 months
Did they misspell LSU at number 15?
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