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Here is where all SEC schools stack up in the 2019 team recruiting rankings after the Early Signing Period, according to 247 Sports and Rivals.

Alabama, Georgia, Texas A&M, and LSU were the consensus No. 1-4 teams.

247 Sports:
1. Alabama (Overall: No. 1)
2. Georgia (2)
3. Texas A&M (3)
4. LSU (4)
5. Auburn (11)
6. Florida (16)
7. Tennessee (17)
8. Mississippi State (19)
9. Arkansas (20)
10. South Carolina (22)
11. Ole Miss (23)
12. Kentucky (32)
13. Missouri (34)
14. Vanderbilt (51)

1. Alabama (Overall: No. 1)
2. Georgia (2)
3. Texas A&M (3)
4. LSU (4)
5. Arkansas (12)
6. Auburn (14)
7. Tennessee (16)
8. Florida (17)
9. South Carolina (22)
10. Mississippi State (23)
11. Ole Miss (24)
12. Kentucky (28)
13. Missouri (31)
14. Vanderbilt (46)
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user avatar
idlewatcher64 months
Alabama tops the list again? No way!
user avatar
Rex Feral64 months
I'm getting really tired of being second to Alabama.
user avatar
athens-ga64 months
if UGA or any team for that matter can have a top 3 or 4 class year in and year out the fan base should be ecstatic.
user avatar
JackieTreehorn64 months
It's only been that way for 100 years.
user avatar
BayouBengal9964 months
The conference really does need LSU/A&M/Florida/Georgia/Tennessee to be competing with and beating Bama every other year. It's just much more healthy and makes the conference stronger, more durable then if one damn team is winning every year. That's what I don't get about some of these top players. They need to spread around to the other top SEC teams. These other teams could beat bama if we had more parity when it comes to the top players. I mean we are all inching closer but as we do, they just load up with better players. It's insane. This class they have is stupid good. Just solid players at every position with the depth they already have. It would take all these next 3 teams that make up the top 4 to keep landing top 3 classes while getting the Elite QBs, OL, DL and LBs for 6 more years for any of us to be remotely close to what they have. Crazy.
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