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The 2017 preseason Coaches Top 25 poll was released on Thursday and the Alabama Crimson Tide are at the top of the rankings at No. 1

There is a total of six SEC teams ranked in the Top 25.

Complete Top 25:
1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Florida State
4. Southern California
5. Clemson
6. Penn State
7. Washington
8. Oklahoma
9. Michigan
10. Wisconsin
11. Oklahoma State
12. Louisiana State
13. Auburn
14. Stanford
15. Georgia
16. Florida
17. Louisville
18. Miami
19. Kansas State
20. West Virginia
21. South Florida
22. Virginia Tech
23. Texas
24. Tennessee
25. Utah

Others Receiving Votes:
Washington State 99; Colorado 72; TCU 58; Boise State 49; Notre Dame 49; Texas A&M 46; Pittsburgh 45; North Carolina State 39; Oregon 37; Northwestern 25; Nebraska 23; Memphis 22; Arkansas 22; Mississippi State 19; San Diego State 18; Appalachian State 11; Brigham Young 10; Georgia Tech 10; Tulsa 10; Wyoming 9; Western Michigan 8; Temple 8; North Carolina 8; Houston 7; Troy 6; Minnesota 6; Iowa 5; Louisiana Tech 4; Syracuse 3; Arizona 2; Army 1; Colorado State 1; Michigan State 1; Maryland 1; Toledo 1; UCLA 1.
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user avatar
The Mick83 months
I remember when there were 6 SEC teams in the top 10.... league is weaker now but still tops IMO.
user avatar
SUB83 months
Is Louisiana State a new college?
user avatar
ssgrice83 months
8, 10, and 11 are too high.
user avatar
tigerpawl83 months
Southern Cal is sure to disappoint again. I just don't get all the love for Trojans They are the new Notre Dame… "Legends in their own minds".
user avatar
Gary Busey83 months
Have you seen their schedule? Darnold has a cake walk to the Heisman.
user avatar
Drewbie83 months
USC more times than not has a favorable schedule anyway. They'll find a way to trip over their own feet like they always do.
user avatar
Orlando483 months
How can Florida be ranked at #16?No established quarterback,3/4 of their defense is gone,no established runner.And why is TENNESSEE ranked #24 ????
user avatar
WithaRebelYell83 months
Is this Notre Dame's first year not in the preseason top 25?
user avatar
AU_25183 months
13 is right about where I want AU. I prefer 14, but 13 works too
user avatar
tigerpawl83 months
LSU started 2003 at 13. That turned out reasonably well…
user avatar
CGSC Lobotomy83 months
"23. Texas " They Never Learn
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