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Arkansas basketball players Anton Beard, Jacorey Williams and Dustin Thomas have been suspend indefinitely from team activities after all three were arrested on first-degree forgery charges in Fayetteville on Wednesday. Per ESPN:

Beard, Williams and Thomas were all arrested and booked into the Washington County jail on Wednesday afternoon following a string of alleged transactions with counterfeit cash on Friday and Saturday. Arkansas coach Mike Anderson did not return text messages or phone calls from seeking comment.

According to the preliminary reports on the incident, the three players were "very identifiable from their tattoos, build, and general appearance" on videos that showed counterfeit $20 bills being used to purchase miscellaneous items, including "tobacco products," at various locations in Fayetteville.
The three players are denning that they had knowledge of the money being counterfeited.
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user avatar
Sancho Panza106 months
Burden of proof is that they were aware the bills were bogus...
user avatar
Lordofwrath88106 months
I wonder how you prove that you weren't aware that money you used was fake?
user avatar
Pavoloco83106 months
Forgery is a federal crime. Aint no parole in Federal Prison. See ya boys. Ya goin to the big house.
user avatar
Palmetto08106 months
denni, denni, denni
user avatar
hogNsinceReagan106 months
We get gentleman felonies down here in fayetteville.
user avatar
ArCoRazorback106 months
Now some of the Hog's sweets be f'd up............
user avatar
Voorhies7106 months
Tobacco products?

Some of my sweets be tight.
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