Things Got Very Heated In Last Night's Handshake Line Between Tennessee And Florida
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Things got all heated shortly after No. 18 Tennessee closed out Florida 78-71 on their home floor Wednesday night. Immediately following the game, tensions were high and players had to be separated in the handshake line...
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ElTigreFuego27 months
Sportsmanship pass it on
user avatar
Serraneaux27 months
BasketVOLS pwning everyone
user avatar
BrotherDawg8427 months
user avatar
gamecockman1227 months
Tennessee plays dirty. No secret there.
user avatar
Wallace Ritchie27 months
I do smile every time Florida loses a game. Any game.
user avatar
jimbeam27 months
UF is having a rough year lol
user avatar
SamGinn Cam27 months
They need to ask Kirby who to hire for a Get Back coach
user avatar
pellietigersaint27 months
Orange goons keep saying other teams wanna win the fight but they wanna win the game. Well how come every damn game they play there is almost a fight? Common denominator? Uhhhh, yeah, the orange trash. Hey, at least their fans didnt throw golf balls and mustard bottles on the court against UF and LSU this week.
user avatar
Doctor Grind27 months
Guarantee you are Saints trash
user avatar
BayouTiga27 months
Don't know who is right or wrong, just know I love seeing the scumbag lizards lose!
user avatar
ColeLSU27 months
Tennessee earning a bad rep. That center they had was a true piece of shite..... now this.
user avatar
HoopyD27 months
I guarantee you the 7ft Euro center for Tennessee, Plavsic, is the reason behind this. He is far and away the dirtiest player in the league. In fact, you can see him on the left side of the beginning of this clip mouthing off and being held back. He was dirty as hell away from the ball at LSU and it continued at Tennessee; including him intentionally diving on Days' injured ankle. Straight up thug.
user avatar
Lord_Ford27 months
Nothing makes me smile more than losing Gators getting chomped at
user avatar
6R1227 months
why all those white boys holding the black boys back?
user avatar
DeafVallyBatnR27 months
Walkon players don't fight
user avatar
jfootball1427 months
They’d get playing time if they let the starters get suspended
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