John Calipari leaving Kentucky for Arkansas was the big headline Monday morning. When approached about it, he rather just walk his dogs with his usually Calipari grin...
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SomeLSUguy1 month
If I am a coach from a team recruiting a kid he is recruiting, I am showing the recruit this video and asking... "Do you want to play for that pooswad?"
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Rodo1 month
He should be unemployable for pushing a fufu dog in a baby carriage.
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OweO1 month
I love dogs. But you are a fruitcake if you push dogs in a baby stroller.
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everyone has lost their damn minds. apparently my dipshit nephew puts a leash/collar on his fricking cat and walks it around the neighborhood.

I’ve had cats my whole life and simply cannot imagine a scenario where any of them would allow this happen without taking out one of my eyeballs in the process
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Geaux Guy1 month
He has one of those ‘yip yip’ dogs.
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Pizza Dan1 month
Maybe Vitale is in that stroller.
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AlterDWI1 month
Shouldn't he be living in a gated community or something?
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kywildcatfanone1 month
He lives right on a main road near campus.
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TerryDawg031 month
He lives in a very nice part of town.
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SuperOcean1 month
He ain't walking his dog. He's pushing a baby carriage with a mutt inside...he then went inside, sat down at on the toilet and took a piss
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real turf fan1 month
That's more of a big city dog. It will be coyote food in Arkansas.
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Russianblue1 month
that dog looks one and done.
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DeafVallyBatnR1 month
You win!!
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