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You think we will see a mass exodus of talent from college station after this year?

6-6 year means fire up the portal. Come be coached by someone that will help you reach your potential.

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Yes, a lot of their players will start to fill
Holes on other teams that are well coached.

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If they somehow get to 8-4? No

7-5. Maybe

6-6? Who could blame them

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I haven't jumped on the never ending " shite on A&M" band wagon. With that being said, I wouldn't be surprised if kids do start transferring out.

They're probably doing less with more than anyone in the country. Jimbo looks more and more like a bust (relative to the expectation placed on him when he was hired)the longer he's in College Station.
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Strong rumors swirling that Connor Weigman and his family are discussing their options.

Once that domino falls, most of the 2022 class will follow suit.
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Without a new coach, the dam at cowards station will bust and flow to other schools.

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I haven't jumped on the never ending " shite on A&M" band wagon.

Good man.

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