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Do people actually want Stoops gone?
I know theres the joke here: You can have Stoops but you have to take Gran too
Its amusing, but people meltin down elsewhere because Stoops has only beaten Florida once and Tennessee once, when that 1 UF win is our 1 win in the last +30 years and the Tennessee win 1 of 2 in the last +30 years.

People goin overboard. Sucks to lose, but holy cow, Stoops has done pretty well for us. Had a 10 win season last year even.
People losin their crap seems excessive to me
Am I wrong?

Bowden has been getting mad at fans on Twatter even for attacking the team.
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re: Do people actually want Stoops gone?
UK football coach vs UK basketball coach

#1 Both can recruit
#2 Both can condition players
#3 Both can connect with young players
#4 Both can create pre game game plan

#5 Both are "deer in headlight" when adjusting in game
#6 Both have clock management issues

Both are competent but both should have someone on staff to fix / onset the problem areas.

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re: Do people actually want Stoops gone?
If I were Kentucky I’d give Stoops a raise.

Was dealt an awful hand this year.

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re: Do people actually want Stoops gone?
I just want him to stop the conservative b.s on offense. It's been a hallmark his entire time, not just this year.

I think realistically, we should have won the Florida and Tennessee games WITH the guys we had on the field. No Terry being injured or Lynn offense yadda yadda.

Should and would we have beaten Mississippi State and South Carolina with a healthy Sawyer, or Terry? Of course. But with what we had, and considering Lynn wasn't being prepped to run the offense yet, it is what it is. If we had Lynn ready then, of course we would have beaten those two.

Im critical of Stoops when he deserves it, which is often enough. But overall he's done a great job, and this year is a bit of an aberration with the issues we've had. Look at what we have coming back next year. Cats are going to be absolutely filthy I believe.

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re: Do people actually want Stoops gone?
I've liked Stoops since the day y'all hired him. He has done a very good job with the players he has brought in. Gran does a good job also, even though he sometimes calls some weird plays at the wrong time. All the injuries this season could have resulted in a much worse record than 6-5. Seven wins this year will get Stoops some Coach Of The Year votes in the SEC. With a healthy team you could be 8-3 right now.
Could be that all you need is a top recruiter that can convince that player that is a difference-maker to come.

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