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re: I'm done with White
If we fired Mike White, UF basketball would go through a curse IMO. No real legit reasoning by me, I just believe in karma.

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re: I'm done with White
Tennessee's football program is a perfect example of why you don't fire coaches after 3-4 years repeatedly. We are dangerously close with that in football, so hopefully Dan Mullen is the answer.

You have to give coaches more time, period. Get their players in, get their system in place. Mike White is learning on the job a little bit, and that's perfectly okay. We aren't a UK, Duke or Kansas, we have to give coaches a while to do what they can do. Otherwise we wouldn't have given Billy D a chance with this mentality either.

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re: I'm done with White
To add to that, if you turnover coaches that quickly then no great will want the job and you're left hiring a second or third option.

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re: I'm done with White
That is and has been false. Great coaches have egos. They dont fear big pressure.

Forever is right in the Tenn coaching disaster though.

White has to prove it this season. With Buzz coming in and Alabama hiring a very good young coach..this conference is absolutely loaded with coaching talent. If he cant get it done this year...its simply time. Five years and no SEC titles and one elite eight wouldnt be a good enough resume to keep him.

Who do we hire? Texas Tech has an elite coach, proved it two straight years. They aren't a huge power he can be swiped. Richard is my first pick though. We can steal him from Minbesota.

But if White does well...competes for the SEC crown and goes deep in the tourney then keep him. Five years there are no more execuses

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