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re: Falcons draft thread

My God. I can't believe that dumb bitch held public office in this country.

Apparently they let her out of prison a few days ago due to concern of corona virus in the prison

Having lived north of Jacksonville for a few years before moving back to Atlanta, I can definitely believe that a segment of the population down there kept voting for her
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re: Falcons draft thread

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re: Falcons draft thread
Watching parts of the NC game. Terrell looks pretty bad. I know he’s on Chase but...

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re: Falcons draft thread
Terrell had a bad game for sure. To be fair though, LSU just caught fire and not even Clemson could hang with them. Spotlight a Clemson player on Defense that did much. Once that LB was ejected, the whole Defense for Clemson went to shite. That's one reason I hated ejected the Clemson LB, it changed the outcome (at least the score) greatly, to me.

Not that LSU still doesn't win, but it's a lot closer than the outcome without him.

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