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re: I don’t understand the criticism of Bryce
I don't really have any problems with how Bryce has played, he's not Mac or Tua but he's a young guy that's making young guy mistakes. He will improve on those things. He's far down on the list of worries

We have 1 WR who can create separation. We drop a ton of balls, even well thrown wide open ones.

The Oline is awful. Owens has been awful the entire time he has been here, now he's starting and its even more glaring how bad he is. Bryce gets pressured a ton.

And the scheme on offense, last night in particular, was just downright awful.

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I don’t recall one formation we ran with max protect. Which is odd.

Even Gary( ) which I think is clueless was saying the same thing. We would have an empty backfield and they would have 6 or 7 on the line getting ready to come at Bryce.

When Gary(CBS) can see it you know something is wrong.

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I mean when you are getting a jailbreak every other play, you go into max protect with the additional TE. I’m not a football genius but I played the game. Seems weird we never tried to adjust to that.

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Well those were pretty big plays. The INT left 3 points on the board and the fumble killed what had been a promising drive.

Absolutely, and Billingsley and Metchie running into each other on their routes threw the timing off on the INT. Bryce should have probably recognized that and thrown it away.



I thought Branch played well for being thrown in there on the first drive. A&M schemed to get the mismatch against him on their tying TD, and Calzada dropped a dime. Those things happen, and that's really the only glaring play I can recall to single him out on.

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Dude, grow up.


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I think he played well enough to beat a shitty team like Texas a&m. Our defense is a full on disaster.

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He's not even Greg or JPW

Good lord, he is way better than both of them. The key is that both those guys were playing behind a fantastic offensive line.

Bryce needs to develop an accurate deep ball but he was pretty poised under heavy pressure last night. Still has a lot to learn but I'm happy with where he is at.
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He played like dog shite at times man we need to call a spade a spade. Was he the reason we lost no but the mistakes he made contributed in a big way to what happened last night

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Bryce is just young and will get better. It's only his 6th game starting. 2 big environment game.

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You GTFO. I'll take the game MVP Greg McElroy of the SECCG over anything Young has done so far. Your football IQ is less than zero if you would disagree with that.

Maybe the dumbest take I have read today

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