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According to the Jackson Clarion-Ledger, Ole Miss LB Detric Bing-Dukes and CB Ken Webster were arrested for shoplifting Tuesday evening.

“We are gathering facts on the matter,” Matt Luke said through a university spokesman.

The arrests occurred at 6:55 p.m. Tuesday and were made by the Oxford Police Department. Webster and Bing-Dukes were released at 8 p.m. through Al Williams Bail Bonds.
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user avatar
LSUvet7282 months
Ole Miss credit card just got "freezed' and no mo' Free-bies.... po po me,
user avatar
justausedcarguy82 months
And the week after Landshark Week no less...
user avatar
MondayMorningMarch82 months
Remember when Ole Miss was relevant? Yeah, me neither.
user avatar
VoxDawg82 months
Mark Richt has lost control...
user avatar
tigerfootball1082 months
What next? Are they gonna self impose a ban on the "Grove Bowl"
user avatar
dred2482 months
2 weeks ago it wasn't called shoplifting. It was picking up your stuff.
user avatar
Schmelly82 months
user avatar
Cobb Dawg82 months
Oh what a tangled web Ole Miss has woven.
user avatar
iheartlsu82 months
They must have shut down their youtube channels.
user avatar
Lsu10120582 months
I would say take there scholarships away. But NCAA is going to do that either way.
user avatar
WM_Tiger82 months
Must be hard to live when dat money trail is gone lol
user avatar
MountainCat82 months
Well... freeze isn't there to buy it for them anymore.
user avatar
WPBTiger82 months
The Ole Miss dumpster fire just continues.
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