Lane Kiffin Was Confused By Ole Miss Fans' Reaction To Saturday's Game
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Lane Kiffin and his squad gave Nick Saban's Alabama team a run for their money on Saturday. Despite the loss, Ole Miss fans gave their team a standing ovation as they walked off the field, which was something that confused Kiffin...

“I just told the players don’t be happy,” Kiffin said, via Saturday Down South. “Fans were (giving) a standing ovation while we were walking off, and I was very confused with that. You know, we lost. Not that I don’t appreciate the fans doing that, but make sure the players understand we came here to win. We didn’t come here to play close and cover spreads or any of that crap. I told them they have tomorrow off and they’ve got to come back to work. We’ve got to get better. You just don’t get chances like this, and I think kids don’t understand that. You don’t get many chances to beat the number one team in the country….the best program in the entire country, and it’s right there to take.”

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It's not the kids' fault...their parents grew up teaching them that ties are wins and you can claim championships for it.
Reply16 days
I remember Spurrier having sort of the same reaction when Carolina kept up and lost to Auburn in 08 or 09. He was pissed actually.
Reply17 days
Getting tired of hearing Kiffin suck off saban
Reply17 days
Kiffin will be Bama's next coach
Reply17 days
That was a great football game
Reply17 days
What Lane doesn't understand is ole piss fans are losers and are happy when the team just shows up........
Reply17 days
Says the guy that’s literally never contributed to his team’s success.
17 days
you are mad because he's right; thats why you are trying to shift the argument from the actual point BayouTiga is saying
17 days
Ignignot you are legend in your own mind.
17 days
Perfect response coach. Grind that goal into everyone, top 10 isn't the goal. Its the top.
Reply17 days
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