Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin is not happy about the new clock rule...
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UFMatt10 months
Lane is 100% correct on this, games are too long, so shorten the game by not stopping the clock, then add additional commercials. More football, less commercials please!
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POTUS202410 months
They could go back to the old rules right now. Everyone still knows the old clock rules. It would be easy.
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TerryDawg0310 months
This new rule is incredibly stupid. Chain crews better get moving.
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grizzlylongcut10 months
We need the coaches to all come together and lambast this rule. And then be completely honest about the commercials just like Chip Kelly was.
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faraway10 months
I'm sure they'd be ok with shortening the commercials if the coaches take equal pay uts.
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TheRouxGuru10 months
@faraway, wtf are you talking about?
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Luckydog10 months
I like it! Good change
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Havoc10 months
Only 12-14 day each year to watch your favorite team play their guts out. Why the hell shorten it?
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atltiger648710 months
shorter TV timeouts would shorten the game dramatically.
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jbird710 months
Dude the commercials for the game Sunday were ridiculous. Each one was at least 3:30.
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stuckintexas10 months
But the we wouldn't see the same Fansville commercial 90 times every game!
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GumboPot10 months
Lane is right. No one except network executives were thinking that the game of college football was too long and needed to be shortened. The new clock rules are idiotic.
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